Irokon Glittering Star


03.09.1995 - 13.11.2008

I have never known another dog with such strength of character, true courage and confidence.
Rest In Peace, old soldier, we love you.

cea-clear / cea-clear - HD A/A

CC, Best Male-3 - Valkeakoski 1996, Jan Nesvadba
Best Male-3 - Loimaa 1996, Lilian Hanniste
Junior 1/5 - Collie Specialty Kangasala 1996, John Blake
Open 1/2 - Heinola 1998, Miklos Levente
Open 1/2 - Tampere 1998, Jan Nesvadba
Open 1/2 - Vihti 1999, Edith Soltesz
Open 1/5 - Pori 1999, Gerard Hickey

Mental Test: -1, +1,-1,+2,+1,+2,+1,+3,+++  -->+123, approved (Söderholm/Ahola)

Obedience: ALO1 181p. KP,  ALO1 170p.

offspring: 13 / 2 litters

Karion King The Stars INT CH Antoc Gary Glitter CH Rubec
Mist 'n' Blue of Aberhill
CH Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist
Antoc Midnight in Mayfair
Black in Fashion at Antoc CH Antoc Midnight Cowboy
Astrellita Amaranthine of Clickam
Sunsweet OneAndOnlyDream Antoc Lord of The Dance Antoc Face The Music
Antoc Satinstitch
Bermarks Barley Sugar CH Brilyn Supertramp
Rifflesea Rare Pearl
Antoc Pardon Me
Alenzone's Chalenge in Black at Tameila Lineals Black Onyx of Ribans CH Jankeith Gideon of Mybern
Lineal Parivian Rainbow
CH Sandridge Silver Star at Alenzone CH Upperton Blue Brand
Cathanbrae Bon Ami of S.
Antoc Forgive and Forget CH Pelido Guilty CH Alenzone's Blue Stratos at Pelido
Pelido Black Rosabel
Antoc Midnight Blue CH Rubec Mist'n'Blue of Aberhill
Black in Fashion at Antoc



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