We sell our puppies to trustworthy, show and/or working-interested loving homes. We appreciate a thoughtful and specific inquiry and never sell a puppy without asking a lot of questions. In return you will get detailed information on the health, temperament and pedigrees of our dogs. I will do my best to find each puppy the best possible home and will be available for help and advice 24/7 for the dog's entire life.

As an experienced and competitive dog trainer, I'm always available to help my puppy buyers with both basic training and different dog sports, and of course handling and grooming for shows.

If you are interested in our puppies, feel free to contact us for more information! -->

You can find out more about our breeding philosophy here: in English   in Finnish

Welcome to meet my dogs at home, in training or at shows & competitions. Actions Speak Louder.

  Ennen kuin tiedustelet meiltä pentua, tutustu periaatteisiimme sopivan kodin valinnasta pennulle!


Odotettavissa syyskuun alussa / expected in early september 2018

 Odotuslistalle mahtuu vielä pari luotettavaa, yhteistyökykyistä ja harrastuksista kiinnostunutta (näyttelyt ja/tai kokeet) kotiehdokasta. Colliekokemus katsotaan eduksi.

Lisätietoja puhelimitse 040-5838908 tai sähköpostilla johanna.ruottinen[@]


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