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Irokon Pardon Me



eyes crd-clear/min. abl ??

Shows: Jun 1

owned by Marja Ilomäki, Tampere

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Baiodora Welcome Guest Cathanbrae Black Pepper at Baiodora Northdale Nijinsky of Cathanbrae
Cathanbrae Peaches and Cream
Baiodora Be My Guest Arcot Anna's Mr. John
CH Sweet Samantha's Golden Girl at Baiodora
Antoc Lady in Black Copperfleet's Only Teddy CH Sandiacre Slap n' Tickle
Copperfleet Spring Cherub
Antoc Satin Gown CH Antoc Academy Award
Antoc Satinstitch
Antoc Pardon Me
Alenzone's Chalenge in Black at Tameila Lineal's Black Onyx of Ribans CH Jankeith Gideon of Mybern
Lineal Parivian Rainbow
CH Sandridge Silver Star at Alenzone CH Upperton Blue Brand
Cathanbrae Bon Ami of Sandridge
Antoc Forgive and Forget CH Pelido Guilty CH Alenzone's Blue Stratos at Pelido
Pelido Black Rosabel
Antoc Midnight Blue CH Rubec Mist'n'Blue of Aberhill
Black in Fashion at Antoc

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